The Collio

In Europe, in the Northeast of Italy, between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea... lies the Collio, a hilly and sun-drenched crescent. Thanks to the mixture of warm sea currents from the south and the protected shield of the mountains to the north, the climate of these lands has always been favorable to viticulture, imparting unique aromas and flavors to the grapes. Here, one encounters Mitteleuropean culture because, as it is today, in the past, it has been a land of borders and conquests, but also a land where different peoples have always coexisted in harmony and symbiosis with the territory.


Zegla is a tiny hamlet within the municipality of Cormons (Gorizia), located in Northeast Italy, right on the border with Slovenia. It's a hilly area always dedicated to vine cultivation, and, thanks to its microclimate, temperature variations, and its unique soil known as ``Ponca,`` it has consistently produced wines that are recognized and appreciated by all.

Near zegla

Preval Valley